DIY – Decorate Your Home with a Tree Stump

You had to remove a tree from your garden and want to reuse its stump, and now? Bring a rustic charm to your home with these 11 tree stump decoration ideas.

Tree Stump Tray

Consider using the stump as a decorative tray. You may need to grind it first, then you can use it as a centerpiece at your dining table. Here are 20 easy ways to add a farm style to your home.

Tree Stump Coasters


Keep the water rings in check with the coasters of tree trunks. Try to make your own wooden coasters from small logs or even branches.

Tree Stump Table

This simple tree stump table would work well as an end table in your living room or den. It is covered with a natural finish and is sure to work as a great accent with your rustic decor. Here are 12 ways to make your furniture last longer.

Tree Stump Candle Holder

Create a comfortable feeling in your house by using a tree stump (or several stumps) as a candle holder. A small group would look great in an unused fireplace. These 10 instant tips will make your home cozy.

Stump Chairs


Depending on the decor, you can use a grouping of logs of a similar size as chairs. This would be a good option for a covered veranda, or maybe a playroom or a craft area for children. Check out these 10 pretty porch swings you can enjoy this summer.

Stump Ottoman

This stump ottoman can also serve as a stool. Depending on your carpentry skills, this can be a quick and fun do-it-yourself tree stump decoration project.

Tree Stump Table Top

Many home craftsmen have turned large tree stumps into tabletops. An online search with them gives a lot of ideas, many of which use a second stump as a base, while others use metal feet attached to the top of the stump. Check out this DIY guide to finish a tabletop.

Tree Stump Planter

Try to use your tree stump as a planter. Depending on the size, you can use it to plant indoor plants, herbs or even succulents.


Stump Wine Rack

Here’s a guaranteed conversation starter. This tree stump has a new life as a wine rack, which is not only functional, but also an excellent decorative piece for your kitchen or bar. Try these 23 wine rack hacks.