Finest Container Architecture Designs

These inspiring Container home Designs prove that little ones don’t have to be boring, tight, box-shaped or industrial.

Compact And Fireplace

This @ appalachiancontainercabin container cabin has an electric fireplace that warms up the small living room without taking up too much space. The fireplace combined with the built-in TV create the perfect focal point for the room while allowing for a clear walkway. Because as we know, every inch counts in a container house!

Decor Defining Space

In this home of @ findyourrepurpose, the open floor plan means that the bed is essentially located right next to the kitchen. However, using a simple black and white color palette and hanging a large piece of art, the area feels like a separate room.


In a small house, the space often serves more than one purpose. The living room of this beautiful container house @ trelan_farm also serves as a bedroom. Thanks to the judicious choice of a sofa bed, guests can easily turn the sofa into a bed when it’s time to sleep.

Not afraid to take Risks

Container house is a unique opportunity, so do not be afraid to take risks with the decor. This beautiful house in the heart of the theriverstonehouse contains one of the original exterior panels as an interior divider. The metal wall is now a beautiful memory of the simple shipping container that was once home!

Bring Nature Into

The wall of this Cabana container from @ craftspaceinc opens onto a furnished terrace and creates a large entertaining space. Decor and enjoy a terrace or an adjacent terrace is a great way to extend a tiny interior. Use a palette of colors and a style of conception similar to make the two coherent zones.

Dark accent Wall

Most of this Boho Chic container house from @ bendigouniquestays is painted in light white. The dark navy accent wall gives depth to the room and makes it larger. A single bedside table in the middle of two and many wall shelves offers an additional space in this small room without turning into a corner.

Enlarge a bathroom with visual tricks

This space from @ alternativelivingspaces proves that even a small container house can have a beautiful bathroom! The horizontal lines created by the Shiplap draw the eye around the room so that the small bathroom feels wider. A floating sink gives the illusion of more space by exposing the floor below.

Texture and colour
If you have a pure white interior, you will find a petite piece plus a large one, this Container Home Kitchen by @ theflophouze shows that you will not forget about the color or the texture of the decoration of a petite house. The reclaimed wood accent wall adds interest and depth, and the soft blue cabinets provide fresh wind in an otherwise neutral space.