Fireplace Decor Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

The uninspired fireplace decor is everywhere. That’s why these 10 houses caught our attention and we wanted to share them with you.

Give up the coat

The floor-to-ceiling tiles and no annoying coat make this @bykristinalynne fireplace an amazing sight. If tiling is not an option, try painting the wall of your fireplace all black for a similar look with high effect. To balance the modern selection, add warm elements such as the vintage cabinet and stacked firewood.

Stone Grouting

The house builder says that this beautiful stone fireplace was her most requested project last year. This particular stone is a personalized blend created with three types of manufactured stones and a white over-mortar.

Grouting is a technique that involves using a line of sud heavy, at the same time, or actually extends over the surface of stone, rather than the line of sud indented more traditionally. This technique gives the stone a beautifully soft and old finish.

Go Wrong

Contrition that you do not have a fireplace to decorate? Go wrong! @thecozyfarmhouse created this false fireplace with a wall mounted antique mantle. Wooden discs glued to plywood give the illusion of stacked wood inside. A simple mirror and elegant candlesticks complete a beautiful focal point without fire!

Paint It White

This look by Amelia Lawrence Design proves that a simple bucket of white paint can make all the difference. Art, accessories and the beautiful coat of reclaimed wood overlay the white brick.

To paint your fireplace, first thoroughly clean the brick with a wire brush and a sturdy cleaner, especially if you have a wood fireplace. Then use two to three layers of a heat-resistant latex interior paint.

Modern mirror

For a modern touch on the traditional fireplace mirror, use a glass mirror and elegant accessories as in this design by @ the_strawberry_house_london. Live greens add a nice contrast to all straight lines and the black and white color palette. Excuse us now while we buy an adorable pink vase that we never needed.