Ideas to Add on Metallic Paint to Your Home

You can bring fashionable gold, Bronze and silver with metallic paint on the walls, Accent cushions or framed artwork into your decor. Here we have collected 14 DIY ways to beautify your home with metallic paint. Are you ready to go for gold?

Accent Wall

The use of metal paint on a feature or accent wall is a popular Option. Blogger Jenna + Calder used gold metallic paint combined with grey wall paint and stencil to create this accent wall on both sides of the living room fireplace.

Old Furniture

Give the old bookcase or dresser a new metallic color look. This handyman prepared an old chest of drawers for a new paint, and then used a metal spray paint to give it a fresh look. See the process here.

On Your current wall color

The Tukee Talk handyman is attracted to earth-colored lacquer colors and decided to put a metallic paint on an amber wall. If you like the color you have now, you should add a metal coating to enhance the effect of the paint.

Color Polishing

Take a brush and try to use a polishing paint in a metallic shade to strengthen dark Accessories. Polishing paint can be used on everything from wooden furniture to photo frames and even plastics. See a video tutorial here.


Here’s another look at a metallic paint project to update an old piece of furniture. The House of Rumours blogger took an old sideboard and used metallic paint and a few stencils to give it a spectacular facelift.


If you do not want to use metal paint for furniture or walls, try updating some decoration accessories. This handyman used an empty wine bottle and then “fantasized” it with metallic paint, silver threads and beads.

Knobs and Handles

Try using metallic spray paint to update any dark material in your home. Door handles can get dirty or look outdated, and metallic colors can help bring them back to life. See a video tutorial here.

Ceiling medallion

Many hardware stores sell decorative ceiling Medallions that are unfinished. Give a new look to your kitchen or dining room with a metallic colored medallion. See the process here.