Kids Modern Room Inspiration !

Before your child takes the decoration of his room and decorates his walls with the recent posters of Teen Beat magazine(is this still happening?), use your DIY skills to add elements to your space that both reflect your personality and merge with the rest of your home. Browse these fashionable rooms for some room decor ideas.

Nursery ideas: Writing is on the wall

If your child has an artistic side or tends to mark every wall they see with their favorite marker, then this space would be perfect for you! Dedicating a whole wall to table painting, you can be sure that there is always a specific area for art.And if you yourself are an artist, this is a great place to draw a masterpiece for your child. A blackboard wall would be particularly appropriate in one of these black and white children’s rooms.

Nursery ideas: bring the outdoors to the indoors

If you are lucky (or, as some claim, unhappy) to live in a climate that prevents year-round trips to the park, be sure to bring items from the playground. You can hang a swing from the ceiling, paint the walls to look like a tree stand, and build a few playground-like structures, like the ladders or gymnastic rings shown here. Try building one of these play sets to make the most of your kids ‘ time outdoors.

Ideas for children’s rooms: for the bookworm paradise

Unlike many opponents, bound books do not disappear as quickly-especially for young children. Celebrate your child’s Book nature by designing a bedroom with a library theme. While you can’t build the size of the sliding ladder to beauty and the beast, you can create a colorful and sparkling bookcase that matches your child’s personality. Make sure the shelves are designed for multiple sizes of literature so that your collection can grow and fit into the shelves. Try one of these shelf models as a starting point.

Children’s room ideas: Pops o’poka-Dot color

Touches of bright colors give the room an energy without overwhelming it. Instead of painting circles directly on the wall, buy circular canvases from your local craft store, paint them in your favorite bright colors, and then attach them to the wall with a 3M hook for easy assembly and disassembly! If the hook is so persistent that shrinkage becomes a problem, just use one of these clever tricks. See more of our favorite nursery ideas for small spaces.

Children’s Room Ideas: Hanging Bunking

Choosing the right bunk bed takes a lot of effort, especially because from size to color to safety, there are so many things to consider. This playful version of the bunk beds adds a unique design element that could well suit a smaller space. The suspended effect gives the room a less heavy feel than most freestanding bunk beds. Although we recommend placing a guardrail on this top berth if your child tends to move a lot! If you feel like playing your creative muscles while building a bunk bed, take a look at these 21 amazing bunk bed designs.