Removable Wallpaper : The New Trend

Removable wallpaper is the thing in home decor now. Whether you have dark, repressed memories of removing wallpaper and swearing that you would never use the stuff, or if you rent and don’t want anything permanent on the walls, this stuff is a godsend.

Removable wallpaper-professionals:

Instead of gluing the paper to the wand with glue, the removable wallpaper is provided with an adhesive of low adhesive strength. Just peel and glue! Amazing, huh?

Even if you get it a little crooked, just pull it off and do it again. It adheres best to clean walls that are painted with eggshell, satin or semi-gloss paint that is four weeks old or older.

If you’re considering using this amazing answer to a decorator’s prayers, here are a few questions to ask to see if it’s right for you.

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That’s not like the wallpaper from years past?

If you have nightmares since you thought you could paint a room in a day, and it took three days for the old hideous wallpaper to debate away from the walls, give removable wallpaper a chance. It probably sounds too good to be true, but removing this stuff is as simple as lifting a corner and peeling in a downward motion. As you know, traditional wallpaper is not so friendly. If you also need to get rid of it, learn how to remove wallpaper easily.

Are you renting?

Tenants love removable wallpaper, because they can fall off before moving and leave no damage. If you want to reuse it, just save the paper backing when you hang it, be very careful when removing it and stick it back on the paper for storage.

Do you often renovate?

Removable wallpaper is perfect for fickle decorators. You know the type, everything must be earth tones in the fall, and pastel in the spring. They alternately love and hate flowers. Or you just want everything to look trendy. If she dies describing, you owe it to yourself to check removable wallpaper.

Removable wallpaper disadvantages:

There are not many disadvantages in the use of removable wallpaper. However, it is difficult to use on deeply textured walls such as bricks and some plasters, and adheres best in bathrooms with good ventilation. If you want to paint these walls instead, prepare your walls for permanent coverage.

Removable wallpaper-DIY Project:

Collect your tools-tape measure, smoothing tool, razor blade knife, screwdriver, stepladder and a helper.
Roll off the removable wallpaper and let it sit flat. Dies can take up to an hour. (Note, weigh it with books or other heavy objects, but do not fold or fold it.)
Prepare the room by moving furniture, removing outlet or switch plate covers and patching holes.
Measure. It helps to sketch the wall to show where your panels will go.
Cut the panels a few inches larger than you need.

Apply the first plate to a corner at the top of the wand, pulling the base only from the upper part. Once you’ve aligned it, use your smoothing tool to peel it off 2 to 3 feet at a time to remove any air bubbles.
Hang the rest of your panels. Again, pull the pad only from the end, making sure that it matches the application in the next panel. Once you have positioned it correctly, peel and smooth as you go.
Remove excess. Use your razor for precise cuts along the ceiling and baseboards.

Replace electrical panels and furniture.

Invite over some friends and enjoy your ooohhhs and aaahhhs!