Tips to Decorate Black and White in Home

A classic combination of black and white can be beautiful if presented in the decor of your home. Whether you want a bold new look or a small upgrade to your space, here are 10 ways to use black and white in your home.
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Patterned walls

When it comes to adding black and white to your walls, the possibilities are virtually endless. Try a black and white wallpaper with a geometric design to create an accent wall, or use it in a small bathroom or home office. This wallpaper for peeling and gluing does not require water or paste, and also leaves no sticky residue when it’s time to remove it.

Working with gray

Of course, black and white works well with gray, so think about layers. Start with a gray room and add black and white with different shades of gray. Try a dark gray sofa, a soft white carpet and a black coffee table. Add black and white pillows and a black footrest. Layers of black, white and gray create depth in any room.

Black walls

Painting the walls in black has been a trend for several years. If you want to try black color in your house, but still have reservations about such a dark color, try using black on an accent wall. Use white artwork and white framed photos to complete the black. A small, black-painted bathroom with a white sink and golden lights is of classic elegance. In a kitchen, children’s room or playroom, consider using panel paint on a wall.

On the ground

Black and white floors add a dramatic touch to any room. If you are planning new flooring, black and white tile combinations will work well in bathrooms and kitchens. In the living room, try to add a bright black and white patterned carpet.

In the dining room

An easy way to use black and white in the dining room is in the settings of your table. Use black table linen with white dishes. Stick to accessories on the black and white theme or try golden pieces or fresh, vibrant colors like yellow or lime.

Black and white illustrations, accents

An easy way to add black and white to your decor is to hang black and white artwork. Hang them on a wall in bright colors for a simple and elegant update. Use these black or white Jonathon eagle vases to hold flowers, or organize a mix of black and white pots for plants. Or hang a spectacular black luminaire with a large white hue.

Kitchen Backsplash

While white subway tiles are an eternal favorite, you should add a touch of black to your kitchen back wall. Combine white subway tiles with some black accent tiles for an unexpected look. For a quick update, use these tile stickers for peeling and gluing to easily create a trendy backsplash. The stickers are waterproof, easy to clean and work on any smooth surface without leaving any residue or marks after being removed.